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What in the holy hell was Tom Brady doing on the sidelines here? Dancing? (GIF)


Tom Brady may have sat out the New England Patriots’ preseason finale match-up with the New York Giants on Thursday evening, but he was suited up and hanging out on the sidelines.

At some point during the meaningless, sham of a game folks had to pay to attend, Brady once again engaged in some goofy sideline antics that seems to be turning into a key component of his little-to-do, preseason repertoire.

In case you missed it, Brady exhibited some borderline creepy behavior while sitting on the bench during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks ago. It appeared he was attempting, in smarmy fashion, to mack on an attractive young woman who had just walked in front of him.

On Thursday, his hijinks took on an entirely different kind of vibe. It’s hard to say for certain what Brady was doing, but it appears he perhaps was trying to do a little shimmy or something. While imitating a troll or some other kind of gruff and grumpy mythological creature like a Grumpkin or a Snark.

What in the holy hell was that? What is the deal with the smirk on his face?  Either Brady is attempting to imitate how a creepy troll creature would do a shimmy or the “Tom Brady Smirk” is his personal equivalent to the “White Man’s Overbite.”

It certainly looks like clumsy attempt at dancing but it’s hard to say. Either that or it could be one of two other things: 1) Brady suffered some kind of mild stroke; or 2) Brady had one too many frozen margaritas. You know they are his “guilty pleasure.”

“Oh my God,” as he put it.

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