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Aggies t-shirt reads, ‘Hey NCAA, Sign This’ with an arrow pointing to … you know (pic)


A very clever shirt is being sold in College Station, Tex. — the home of the Texas A&M Aggies — which clearly states what fans of the local college football team think of the NCAA’s investigation into the “Johnny Manziel Autograph-for-Pay-Gate.”

And now, Aggies fans can express their thoughts about the entire saga via a simple t-shirt.


Of course, the investigation is viewed by some as a travesty — or a farce at best — as Manziel’s punishment for his alleged off-the-field wrongdoings resulted in a half-game suspension as the Heisman Trophy winner will be forced to sit out the first half in Texas A&M’s season opener against Rice.

With that in mind, it’s hard to figure out why any Aggies fan would be so upset with the NCAA. The organization’s investigation couldn’t have gone much better for the team, its fans and most importantly, Manziel. If anything, the shirt should read, “Hey Darren Rovell, Sign This,” since it was the ESPN reporter’s investigative piece that seemingly at least prompted the NCAA into going public and doing a formal investigation — at least that what the Texas A&M Chancellor believes, claiming that Rovell had been “duped before.”

Actually, an “Hey Darren Rovell Sign This” shirt with an arrow pointed towards the crotch of the wearer would be a great shirt even if a person has no beef with his reporting on Manziel. Just for everyday reasons. Because he’s Darren Rovell, you see.

(image via @ClayTravisBGID)