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Masked Kansas State fan taunts fan base of inferior football opponent (video)


The North Dakota State Bison travel to Manhattan, Kan., on Friday to take on the Kansas State Wildcats in a match-up between a NCAA Division I-FCS team and a superior Division I-FBS team.

Currently, the Wildcats are favored by 14 points — certainly not a blowout-worthy line, but the team is heavily favored, as a superior team should.

Apparently, one Kansas State fan has caught wind of some chatter about the possibility of the Bison rolling into Manhattan and scoring an upset victory. Where he heard such things is unknown, perhaps he read it on the Internet or it was the voices inside his head. Who’s to say? Either way, he’s having none of it.

Watch as this doofus, wearing a K-State mask and some gloves, no less, denigrates the fine State of North Dakota and its citizens, castigates the Bison football team — who, it should be noted, currently are the back-to-back defending NCAA Division I-FCS national champions — as well as disparages the team’s fans and the school’s smaller stadium, all the while coming off as a total tool.

He deserves some credit, I suppose. It sounds like he put some research in before strapping on the mask and gloves and pressing record. Then again, he probably has nothing much else going on anyway.

Perhaps the Bison will pull off an upset and this guy will be forced to post another video where he is forced to eat his words.

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