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Kobe Bryant makes a ‘splash’ on Vine by jumping off 40-foot diving board (video)

Bearing the message, “If I can run. I can jump #justdoit #40+ #vinovine,” Kobe Bryant made his debut on Vine on Thursday evening by posting a video of himself jumping off a 40-foot-high diving board. Yep, you could say that he made a splash with his first video. And yep, I made that joke for a second time because I’m an unoriginal, pun-using repeating piece of … cleverness? Yeah, let’s go with that.

Kobe has been all over the interwebs this offseason, between keeping us updated on his comings and goings, progress in rehab, posting sexy photos of his wife and how he makes grown ass men cry in Asia, the guy has been a near-constant presence. You could say that as far as acclimating himself to social media is concerned, Kobe “dove” right in.

Yep, I went there.