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For $62.99, a pair of Jockeys autographed by Jim Palmer can be yours (photos)


During the late 1970s, Jim Palmer already was practically a household name due to his dominant presence on the mound as a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, he was recruited by Jockey brand underwear and signed on to be the company’s pitchman.

This involved Palmer stripping down all the way to a pair of Jockey skivvies for print and television advertising. The campaign was a resounding smash for both Jockey and Palmer, whose fame skyrocketed as a result of his daring display that clearly documented his total lack of inhibition.

And now, a person can own a piece of underwear advertising history.

Palmer’s ballsy (?) move revolutionized the endorsement game for pro athletes and before anyone knew it, other athletes were pimping other not-so-traditional products. One tragic consequence of Palmer’s partnership with Jockey was that the company also signed on Pete Rose as a spokesmodel:

EPSON scanner image

Try getting that image out of your head. That’s how a Neanderthal would have looked had he worn underwear. Yeesh.

Which brings us to the present day. Somehow, eBay seller Kruk Cards has managed to get their collector’s hands on a pair of Jockeys autographed by the current Orioles broadcaster and Hall of Famer himself.:


And they have a certificate of authenticity to prove it:


Good to know, because if I’m paying $63 (plus shipping and handling) for a pair of autographed men’s underwear, you better believe I need to know they are the real deal.

And just to clear things up, the “DNA” in PSA/DNA in the above photo has nothing to do with Deoxyribonucleic acid, in that, um, fluids and/or other biological remnants left on the underwear were not genetically tested. PSA/DNA is the Professional Sports Authenticators organization. The latter makes perfect sense while the former is just plain nasty.

In fact, the seller points out that the underwear are “Clean — not worn briefs,” thereby putting to rest any notion that these were worn and subsequently soiled to any degree by Palmer. Which is good, I think, for most people who would be interested in procuring such a collectible item. Other folks, not so much. But those are what we call weirdo-creep sickies.

A few additional photos from the eBay listing:

jim-palmer-jockey-underwear-2 jim-palmer-jockey-underwear-3

3XL, eh? That means that anyone who wears that size of underwear could theoretically wear these bad boys, should they choose to do so.  Again, that would make that individual a weirdo-creep sickie. Not a good thing to be.