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NY Post gambling column: South Carolina will cover against ‘in-state’ rival UNC (pics)


Uh. Derp. A headline in the New York Post‘s “Pigskin Profit” column argues that in college football action, the South Carolina Gamecocks will cover the spread in its game against the North Carolina Tar Heels on Thursday night. That in and of itself is a perfectly reasonable stance to take. South Carolina is a far superior team, in pedigree as well as in talent.

Where the column has some issues, though, is in the sub-headline, which states that South Carolina will cover against its in-state rival. A school that calls North Carolina as its home.


Via Sports Pickle:


Far be from me to savagely rip a newspaper for such an egregious gaffe — anyone who has read this here blog long enough is well aware of the fact that I’ve made some real doozies. And still, that’s a real humdinger of a mistake. And given the game involves an SEC team, perhaps the person behind the headline would benefit from this Mississippi teacher’s Southeastern Conference-based teaching methods. She probably mixes some geography into her lesson plan, right?

Obviously, the error wasn’t caught before the paper went to press, but it looks like the headline was corrected in the online version, but missed in the photo caption:


Great googly moogly.