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Rickie Fowler makes golfer eat unreplaced divot in ‘Dick Fowler, P.I.’ (video)


Episodes in Rickie Fowler’s epic web series, “Dick Fowler, P.I.” are coming fast and furious.

On Wednesday, the debut episode, “Backswing Sting,” the private investigator that rights wrongs on the golf course came down hard on a golfer who continued to yap on his phone while another player was trying to hit his shot.

In the second episode, entitled, “Divot Dummy,” a golfer who refuses to replace a divot sets himself “on a collision course with the 9-iron of justice,” straight into the waiting grasp of the mustachioed maverick.

And then Dick Fowler, P.I. serves him up that aforementioned justice by serving him up the divot on a silver platter. Literally.

Then he makes the wrongdoer eat the divot he so selfishly refused to replace.

How do you like that brand of comeuppance, guy? Tastes like … dirt.

[via @RickieFowlerPGA]