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NFL referee Ed Hochuli seen getting haircut at Chicago-area Supercuts (pic)


A tipster has alerted Deadspin to a chance encounter he had with NFL referee Ed Hochuli while waiting to get his haircut at a Supercuts in Schaumburg, Ill.

The tipster, Greg, says that Hochuli “wasn’t too chatty,” but he attempted to engage in a conversation with the musclebound ref after Hochuli sat down in the chair next to him. And the brief interaction was transcribed by Greg as follows:

Me: Are you Ed Hochuli?

Ed: Guilty as charged.

Me: In town to do the Bears’ game?

Ed: (silence)

See? Ed Hochuli is just like anybody else. He loathes small talk while getting his haircut. He just does so while showing off his ginormous biceps. “Yeah, could you take a little more off (points to bangs while with right arm while flexing) right here?”