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Introducing Tom Brady, amateur hairdresser (photos/video)


On Tuesday, the moment arrived that all New England Patriots rookies have been dreading: Time for the traditional shaving of the heads. And this wasn’t a case of rookies having their head hair being shaved down to a closely cropped crew cut. Nope.

With Tom Brady taking the lead with clippers in hand, the Patriots quarterback showed off his amateur hairdressing skills as the rookies were treated to some truly abysmal hair-don’ts.

Here’s a photo of Brady showcasing his clipping skills (via Terez Owens):


And there you have it: Another phenomenal photo of Tom Brady in full derp mode. The guy always delivers.

A video report showcasing the new ‘dos from WHDH:

Said Brady on the hazing tradition: “They look good, don’t they? It was fun today; probably the most exciting part of camp was watching all this hair get cut off. So, it was actually a lot of fun. There were some good ones. There was creativity. Guys sit around and think about what they want to do.”