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Arkansas Razorbacks superfan rocks taped-up pig nose, unveils new video


She’s baaaack. Liz McDaniel, the Arkansas Razorbacks superfan who achieved Internet infamy has returned, just in time for college football season.

McDaniel, better known as @lizhoney2u on the interwebs, shot to online fame courtesy of a video that went viral which featured her in some kind of pig helmet with her nose taped up to resemble a pig snout while performing a song parody.

The original video has garnered nearly a half-million views. McDaniel’s second video in which she celebrated the hiring of Brett Bielema as head football coach by singing a song that parodied “I’m a Believer” wasn’t as well received nor quite as successful as her first effort, but she’s back on the attack with a new video.

And it’s a real doozy.

Let’s present McDaniel’s Razorbacks-crazy viral videos in chronological order. You know, to better document her descent into college football-fueled madness.

And the second:

Finally, her latest piece of performance art, entitled “Razorbacks Never Yield”:

Wow. Just wow.

Rock on, Miss McDaniel. Or “lizhoney,” if that’s preferred. Let your freak flag fly. And your taped-up big nose, too, I guess.

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