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Ad-Rock digs that Victoria Azarenka says she’s listening to Beastie Boys (video)

MCA Day NYC - A Celebration Of Adam Yauch

King Ad-Rock tweeted his approval on Thursday after seeing Victoria Azarenka mention during an interview at the U.S. Open that she was listening to the Beastie Boys to get pumped up for a match.

Azarenka presumably listened to some Beastie Boys jams before she cruised to a 6-0, 6-0 victory over 99th-ranked Dinah Pfizenmaier in her first round match.

You wanna know why? Because the Beastie Boys are a trip, they got a funky beat and she can bug out to it. Duh.

Via @adrock:

“Go Beastie Boy it”? What the fungus?

What makes Azarenka’s musical selection a curious one is she has been romantically linked to LMFAO’s Redfoo. I guess even dating one of the members of that duo doesn’t change one’s perception and the certifiable fact that the B-Boys are, I don’t know, about a billion times better than LMFAO.

And yet, despite appreciating the young tennis star’s musical tastes, as is often the case whenever the Beastie Boys come up, I am left in a profound state of melancholy after realizing once again that MCA is longer with us on this planet.

Rest in peace, Mr. Yauch.

[H/t SB Nation]