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Aaron Rodgers goes America all over everybody’s ass with patriotic attire (pics)


A few years back, Aaron Rodgers went with a cowboy theme for the team’s annual “Welcome Back Packers Luncheon.” This year, the Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback went a different route with his choice in ensemble.

On Wednesday, Rodgers strolled into the Lambeau Field Atrium fully decked out in patriotic gear. With some killer shades atop his head and wearing an American flag bandana paired with a Stars and Stripes shirt, Rodgers looked like the Statue of Liberty’s pimp for the gala. Or “A Real American“, depending on one’s preferred usage of played-out pop culture references.

Via @PGPackersNews:


Looking good. The Green Bay Press Corps were assembled and on site to chronicle the festivities. First up is a video report filed by the Green Bay Press Gazette:

And ABC2 WBAY’s coverage:

Quite the event. Question: Was the Aaron Rodgers Burger slathered in peanut butter served?

And it’s nice to see that Rodgers was in good spirits — better than he was when dealing with a TMZ reporter during the offseason — and can have a little fun with the gala while paying tribute to our great country by going America on everybody’s ass with his patriotic getup.