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Marlon Byrd traded by New York Mets on Marlon Byrd T-Shirt Night (photo)


While certainly not the first time that an MLB team’s player-themed giveaway was awkwardly marred by the fact that the player was no longer a member of the team, but it nevertheless is amusing to note that on Tuesday, the very same day the New York Mets gave away 500 Marlon Byrd t-shirts, the team traded its home run and RBI leader to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

A report from FOX Sports indicates that the Mets announced that the Marlon Byrd shirts (above) would not be given out during Tuesday’s game at Citi Field against the Philadelphia Phillies, but apparently that didn’t prevent two fans from obtaining the shirts and having a good chuckle over the shirts paying tribute to the outfielder, as evidenced in a photograph included in a New York Daily News report on the trade. The only reasonable conclusion to draw is that the Mets can even screw up attempting to correct an unfortunate happenstance.