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If you’re wondering if Robert Griffin III loves haters, just ask his socks (photos)


During Robert Griffin III’s extended half-Gatorade/half-Subway commercial masquerading as a documentary entitled “Will to Win” on ESPN on Tuesday, the Washington Redskins quarterback can be seen rocking a pair of socks emblazoned with the message “I Love Haters.”

With that in mind, if there was any doubt whatsoever that RG3 has a special place in his heart for haters, an easy confirmation could have been accomplished simply by asking his socks.

Actually, asking his socks wouldn’t do a person much good. So far as I can tell, RG3’s “I Hate Haters” socks are just ordinary footwear that lack any kind of anthropomorphic qualities that would enable them to speak, so perhaps a better way of putting it is to not ask his socks, but take a look at them.


On the other hand, if RG3 were to remove one of the socks, put it on one of his hands and use it as a puppet while saying the words, “I hate haters,” I guess only then would a person be able to ask his socks a question and expect a response. But there’s a lot of ifs involved for that scenario to play out as needed.

Oh, and you can buy the socks here if you have an affinity for haters like RG3.

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