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Here’s the first episode of mustachioed Rickie Fowler’s ‘Dick Fowler, P.I.’ (video)


Last week, a teaser video was unveiled promoting the upcoming long-form Farmers Insurance commercial/web series starring Rickie Fowler as a mustachioed private investigator named Dick Fowler.

On Wednesday, the first episode was released entitled, “Backswing Sting.” In the videos, Dick Fowler purportedly will right egregious wrongs committed on golf courses. The narrator explains in the debut episode that “In the world of golf, there are two types of players, those who play it smart and follow the rules … and those who don’t. Fortunately, when a golfer steps out of line, one man is there to set them straight: Dick Fowler, P.I.”

And between the groovy mustache and, well, everything else — in particular Dick Fowler’s loyal sidekick, “The Caddy,” portrayed by Luis Chávez — if the first spot is any indication, these videos will be all sorts of awesome.

In “Backswing Sting,” Dick Fowler comes down hard on an insensitive golfer who chatters away on his cell phone while another golfer is attempting to focus on his tee shot.

With a funky soundtrack backdrop, Fowler somersaults out of a moving golf cart. He’s soundly ignored, so Dick Fowler snatches away the guy’s phone, tosses it to “The Caddy,” who sets it up on a tee for the P.I. And then Dick Fowler grips it and rips it.

Of course, Dick Fowler’s aim is true as the phone bounces into the cup. Before exploding.

And then Fowler does his best Horatio Caine impression, saying “Looks like that call … was dropped” while adjusting his killer shades.

Awesome. Keep ’em coming, Mr. Fowler.