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Creepy girl from ‘Ringu’/’The Ring’ throws out first pitch before game in Japan (video)

Here in the U.S., ceremonial first pitches have developed into an amusing aside, a way to amuse fans before the actual first pitch of a ball game. Oftentimes, the person throwing out the first pitch is a flavor-of-the-month pop star/actor/actress who happens to be in town promoting their most recent project. Other times, it’s a revered athlete who played for the home team who is on hand to be honored for his contributions to the franchise.

And in Japan, teams apparently are all about trotting out creepy characters that will straight-up terrify onlookers.

At least that was the case before a recent game between the Chunichi Dragons and Hanshin Tigers. Sadako, the disturbing, lifeless character from the Japanese horror classic “Ringu” (remade as “The Ring” here in the states), escorted to the mound by three mini-look-a-likes, ambled to the mound. Apparently, the “Ringu” franchise still is going strong in Japan, with a 3D sequel being released in theaters this week.

Perhaps most amazing about the entire spectacle — save for the scene afterward when the creepy gal collapsed and was carried off on a stretcher — was that Sadako really zinged one in there. A far better showing than the countless celebrities who have humiliated themselves during their turn in the ceremonial first pitch game.