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Toronto mayor Rob Ford ‘beats’ Hulk Hogan in arm wrestling match (video)


As originally reported by our good friends over at With Leather, controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford announced that he would take on pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan during the Hulkster’s appearance at Fan Expo Canada which is being held in the city in which Ford oversees.

Now, Ford is a man of generous proportions. Some may say he’s portly, or even fat, so how would a chubby bureaucrat fare against Hulk Hogan, who, despite being 60 (!) years old remains in remarkably terrific shape.

Well, as it goes in pro wrestling, the results had to be seen to be believed.

Behold, the epic battle between a 24-inch python and an unmeasured overly fatty, flabby log of bologna (via Sportsnet Canada):

Wow. The hearts of a million little Hulkamaniacs are going to be broken if and when they ever see that debacle. This is almost worse than when Hulk lost to Big John Studd. Wait. Did Hogan ever lose to Big John Studd? It was so long ago. But let’s say he did. Watching this sham of an arm wrestling match would have a similar effect on kids who look up to Hulk Hogan.

But still, what a sham. If that arm wrestling match was any more fake and artificially enhanced to the status of embarrassing spectacle, I’d refer to it as the “Linda Hogan of Arm Wrestling Matches.”

I guess Hulk didn’t say his prayers or eat his vitamins before the arm wrestling bout. A red feather boa wouldn’t have hurt, either. One could argue that may have gotten the Hulkster “over the top.” Over the top. Get it?

(twirls hand about head a few times, leans,  puts hand up to ear … rips shirt off)

Now look at me. I’m all a mess.