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Guy proudly wears outrageous Robert Griffin III trench coat (photo)


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Well, that’s certainly a look. But fitting, considering this photo was taken at the team’s “Welcome Home Luncheon.” The exquisite craftsmanship on the trench coat extravagantly detailed as an homage to Washington Redskins superstar quarterback Robert Griffin III probably needs to be seen in person to truly be appreciated.

But even from this less-than-close-up peek at it, there is no doubt that this guy is dying for people to approach him and ask about it. But how does one initiate a conversation with a person wearing such a remarkable garment? “Say, something tells me you’re a big RG3 fan, is that the case?” I guess that would be a decent icebreaker. So long as is not wearing their Tony Romo pea coat. That would be an awkward interaction featuring a fashion feaux pas of epic proportions.

A thing of beauty, it is.

[H/T SB Nation, image via @TarikCSN]