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Jason Dufner ate Taco Bell out of Wanamaker Trophy night after major win


To say Jason Dufner has been experiencing a mind-blowing roller coaster ride since notching his first career major win at the PGA Championship would be a drastic understatement. The man who was perhaps best known for his slouching pose in a photo that turned into the phenomenon of “Dufnering” has seen his public profile permanently elevated since his thrilling victory at Oak Hill just a few short weeks ago. And that’s not even taking into account the time he spent in a cryogenic chamber.

But through it all, Dufner appears to have retained a modest sense of self and remains the same humble guy he was before his life was forever changed.

And while Dufner has had some fun with the Wanamaker Trophy since it was handed to him on that Sunday, including strapping it in his car with a seat belt and later sleeping with it, what he did the night immediately following his PGA Championship win truly shows what kind of fella this Jason Dufner guy really is:

In the wee hours after the victory, he and his pals made a run for the border and feasted on some tasty Taco Bell. And ate it right out of the dang trophy.

From a story by Brian Wacker for

But in the early morning hours after capturing the PGA Championship, Jason Dufner was already back home in Auburn, Ala., where he and about 25 of his closest friends and associates celebrated at a local restaurant into the early morning hours.

The group was hungry and the kitchen was closed, so one of Dufner’s friends hopped in the car, went to a nearby Taco Bell and filled up the Wanamaker Trophy with food.

Now that’s how you treat a trophy, even if it is a trophy for excelling in one of the most pretentious sports on the planet that is played by some of the stodgiest, refined and haughty competitors in sport. But how Dufner utilized the trophy is very much in the same spirit of how Lord Stanley’s Cup is treated as it is passed from player to player following an NHL team’s run to championship glory. Just so long as Dufner doesn’t use the trophy as a spittoon. That would be nasty.

Something tells me that no matter how many majors this guy wins and all the accolades, fame and admiration he attains and receives, nothing is ever going to change Jason Dufner.

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