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Japanese baseball team Hiroshima Carp rock denim look for uniforms (photo)


Now, that’s a look. The Hiroshima Carp, who play pro baseball in Japan’s Central League, have made the curious decision — perhaps as a nod to baseball’s origins in America and our people’s affinity for denim (I guess) — of sporting an all-faux-denim look for an alternate uniform.

I’m not sure when the team will be wearing these abominations, nor how often, but if a fictional character from a television show could have a favorite baseball team, this guy would be all about the Hiroshima Carp. And if at least one player on the team doesn’t use “Forever in Blue Jeans” for his at-bat music while wearing these denim nightmares, well, that would be just too bad.

But seriously, those things are atrocious, not that anyone needs to carp on and on about it without an end. Heh. Carp. Nothing fishy about that joke.

And yes, faux-denim items are available for purchase if anyone is planning on attending a baseball-themed hoedown anytime soon.

[H/T @cjzero, via SB Nation]