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Hawk Harrelson didn’t know what the hell was going on during HR call (video)


Love him or hate him, Chicago White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson is a national treasure and worthy of respect at the bare minimum. For those who disagree, the above funkified and fantastic photo of Hawk (full photo here) from his playing days should learn ya a thing or two about the guy.

Sure, the abject confusion displayed by Harrelson during one of his patented home run calls (“You can put it on the board … YES!”) during Thursday’s White Sox game against the Kansas City Royals is amusing, but in the end he gets it right.

Here’s Hawk’s call of a 12th inning homer by Connor Gillaspie, Sure, it doesn’t match his unhinged meltdown from earlier this season, it nevertheless remains a solid piece of broadcasting. Confused, slack-jawed and hilarious broadcasting. (via

Wow. That was great. As transcribed by Big League Stew:

“That ball hit deep!
Maxwell at the wall, jumps…
What is it?
You can put it — no, safe?!
You can put it on the board, or what?!”
Anyway, he’s coming around; You can put it on the board, YEEEESSSSSSS!”

Hawk’s analysis of the play was like trying to start up a car that has a low battery. You don’t know if  it will ever turn over, but when it does, it’s such a relief there’s nothing else to do but say, “YEEESSSSS!” Or something.