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Child dons Jabba the Hutt costume for basketball camp’s ‘Free Dress Day’ (pic)


According to redditor christophermm, one kid who attended a summer basketball camp he was coaching took full advantage of “Full Dress Day” by arriving at camp wearing a Jabba the Hutt costume.

To which, in the hopes that someone spoke Huttese at the camp, inquired upon seeing him: “Kee chai chai cun kuta?” Because that would have been funny, as it means “What are you doing here?” for the non-Huttese-speaking folks out there.

But perhaps there is more than meets the eye with this youngster’s eccentric outfit choice. Maybe former beefy NBA star Oliver Miller is one of his favorite all-time players and this was the only way he could emulate his hero’s on-court play.

In the end, Waki mallya kuna chu chu?

That means “What do you do?” Duh.

[H/T The Big Lead]