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Dodgers post pic to Instagram to show Yasiel Puig made it to ballpark on time (photo)

After rookie superstar Yasiel Puig was punished by way of a fine from manager Don Mattingly for showing up late to the ballpark for Tuesday’s road game against the Miami Marlins, the Los Angeles Dodgers organization had a little fun with the story.

The Dodgers posted a photo to its Instagram page which shows the young slugger — in full uniform, no less — pointing at a clock that reads 3:18, which apparently was an acceptable time to be at the stadium (Dodgers rules state that all players must be at the ballpark before the last bus from the team’s hotel arrives at the stadium when on the road).

It’s nice to see that the Dodgers are treating the minor rules infraction with some whimsy and handling a potential distraction with a sense of humor. The Dodgers have been red-hot for months and nothing should be allowed to derail the run the team has been on.