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NBA players are large men, have difficulty squeezing in airplane bathrooms (pic)

This just in: Things, spaces and stuff like that aren’t designed with the size and stature of NBA players in mind. Of course, that’s obvious, despite what Shaquille O’Neal tries to claim by wedging himself into a car that is far too small for him in the interest of making a few bucks in an endorsement deal with Buick.

But it is nevertheless amusing to see Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, all 7-feet-2-inches and 280 pounds of him, squeeze into an airplane bathroom. Yeah, it doesn’t look comfortable at all. Thank goodness for the back pillow, right?

Along with the photo posted to Instagram by Hibbert, the large man writes, “I’m not one to take selfies but I know y’all were wondering how I fit in an airplane bathroom and the answer is … I don’t. #crampedlife” No, no he does not. But at least he probably could return to an oversized seat in first class and stretch out, which is nice.

And while funny, it lacks the whimsical nature of watching Chris Farley’s airplane bathroom antics in “Tommy Boy.” Ha. Fat people: Funnier than tall people since forever.