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Who wears short shorts? LeBron James dresses up as Dr. J (photo/video)

Continuing our summertime chronicle of “The Life and Times of LeBron James and His Instagram Account,” on Wednesday, Mr. LeBron James — perhaps inspired by the “Frasier” episode “Room Full of Heroes” (although probably not), played a little dress-up in order to emulate NBA icon Julius Erving, otherwise known Dr. J.

Bearing the message, “Breaking news. DR.J is making a comeback, Let’s go!!”, LeBron tagged the message by jokingly threatening to play in the getup (#IShouldPlayAGameLikeThisMinusTheFro) as well as questioning how in the heck players managed to play in such constricting shorts (#HowDidTheyMoveAroundWithTheseShorts).

King James not only posted the above photo collage of himself rocking short shorts, knee-high socks and magnificent afro wig, he also posted a video showing his strut his stuff in the retro attire.

Via Instagram:

Worth noting since we are on the subject of LeBron James’ oft-updated Instagram account is how he took down a photo he posted on Wednesday which provided evidence that he had not shaved his head, something that was speculated about earlier in the week.

Very strange, although not as strange as a grown man playing dress-up for seemingly no reason, although it probably has something to do with a Nike commercial or something.

Perhaps we will learn the reasons behind it on the next installment of “The Life and Time of LeBron James and His Instagram Account.”

I mean, we’ve already been alerted to his jury duty, trips to the dentist and other assorted benign travails, surely LeBron will keep us apprised as to why he chose to dress up like Dr. J.