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Golfer nearly drilled in crotch by ricocheting ball during promo shoot (vid)


PGA Tour Canada player J.J. Ragan was shooting a promotional video for the upcoming Great Waterway Classic tournament. Apparently, there is a cannon located on the Upper Canada Golf Course in Cornwall, Ontario and someone thought it would be a neat idea for Ragan to mimic a golf ball being shot out of the cannon by standing directly behind it and blasting a drive out into the Saint Lawrence.

Things didn’t go as planned. And if my eyes don’t deceive me, it appears that Ragan’s crotch very nearly received a very painful reminder of how even the best ideas can go awry.

As I am quite familiar with as a hack golfer, Ragan’s shot had a far too low of a directory. Too low, even, to clear a very short wall directly in front of him. The ball ricocheted off the wall and comes right back at him.

Ouch. Ragan can be heard in the below video saying something about the ball hitting him in both legs, but that was far too close for comfort as far as Ragan’s family jewels were concerned.

Yikes. Once again, way, way too close for comfort.

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