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Bill Cowher goes Goth, wears eye makeup in girlfriend’s music video (photo/video)


Bill Cowher wore eyeliner and mascara in a music video. Once again, Bill Cowher wore eyeliner and mascara in a music video. Allow that to soak in for a moment.

Yes, the steely-eyed, frequently scowling and always-intimidating former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and current NFL talking head appeared in the music video for the song “Cry Your Eyes Out” by Queen V.

Granted, Cowher is believed to be dating this Queen V gal — and while I’ve never heard of Queen V, which shouldn’t be a surprise, as I’m old and a total (draws a four-sided geometric figure with four 90-degree angles with my index fingers) — so Cowher deserves big ups for playing a role in helping advance his woman’s music career.

But still, Bill Cowher has gone goth. At least for a music video. Which follows.

Oh, did I mention he sports a set of handcuffs, too?

And here’s a GIF:

Good grief. Nah, he’s not going to get any crap for this from his CBS “NFL Today” cohorts for this, right? Nope.

One interesting side note: According to Queen V’s official website, Motorhead’s Lemmy and Tommy Morello from Rage Against the Machine make contributions to her new album. But they didn’t wear eye makeup in one of her music videos, so far as I know.

What’s next? Are goth rock heroes going to cross over and start doing NFL analysis? Is Peter Murphy breaking down game film for a segment on “The NFL Today” called “Bauhaus Breakdown”? How about Robert Smith — the one from The Cure — doing some color commentary alongside Jim Nantz and Phil Simms? Siouxsie Sioux, um, I don’t know, arguing with Skip Bayless on ESPN about Tim Tebow? Actually, all of those would be pretty awesome.

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