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Sonic drive-ins to sell burgers with college football logos stamped on them (pics)


(image courtesy of Sonic)

College football fans will go to great lengths to demonstrate just how loyal they are to their favorite team. Sonic, the drive-in fast food chain, is counting on that loyalty in it launches a campaign, hoping that fans will visit one of its restaurants so they can eat a burger featuring a team logo on the bun.

Sonic will unveil plans on Wednesday regarding how the company intends to steam team logos onto buns in several regional markets. The chain has agreements with several universities, including Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana Tech, with perhaps even more to be added in the future.For example, for Oklahoma, there is the Sooner Brisket Burger, and for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, it’s the Cowboy Brisket Burger. Different names, but both have the same toppings. Sonic aims to incorporate regional flavors into the themed burgers befitting where the school is located.


Said James O’Reilly, Sonic’s chief marketing officer: “We’re a gathering spot in many smaller communities. This will generate a lot of buzz.”

Building on how smaller chains have had success with similar endeavors, the concept was tested by Sonic last year in Louisiana and it was a resounding success. O’Reilly says that if the next rollout succeeds, look for Sonic to test it out with pro sports teams, saying, “Any opportunity to take a great-tasting product and tailor it to the local community makes good sense.”

The burgers will retail for between $3.99 and $4.99 and customers will have the option of ordering the burger with or without the team stamp, which is made with tapioca starch and up to three food colorings approved by the USDA.

Mmm … tapioca starch. Tastes like … loyalty. And not to mention a much more manly option than college football team-themed scented candles.

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