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Four minutes of hell: NBC stars audition for ‘Sunday Night Football’ theme (video)


Much like other significant historical events like the moon landing, the Challenger explosion or when John Lennon was killed, most people can tell you the exact place they were and exactly what they were doing when they learned that Faith Hill would not reprise her role as leggy theme song singer for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” Some of us haven’t quite yet recovered, even.

But somehow, we put on a brave face and soldier on. After many successful years of cheesy singing and subtle, family friendly and vampy sexiness, Faith Hill has stepped aside, leaving NBC with the unfortunate task of finding a suitable replacement. Good luck with that, NBC. To be able to find a rock, country of rap star who is well past their prime, haven’t had a hit song in years and are totally desperate to marginally resurrect their careers are hard to come by.

Anyway, in a new video that is nearly four minutes of hellish awkwardness, NBC stars such as Ken Jeong, the “Today” crew, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, that long-haired dude from “The Biggest Loser” — wait, that’s a girl? — and even Craig T. Nelson, plus some other people you probably don’t know give it their best shots at nailing the audition. Or not nailing it. It’s hard to say.

Behold the cringe-inducing awkwardness:

Um, yeah. Remember when NBC had “Seinfeld”? Those were good times.

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