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Well played: Maria Sharapova launches exclusive line of Sugarpova accessories (pics)


When all the hullabaloo began earlier this week regarding reports that Maria Sharapova was considering temporarily changing her last name to “Sugarpova,” the name of her boutique candy line, for the duration of the U.S. Open, most people first believed it to be a bad idea and then perhaps suspected that something may be in the offing related to Sugarpova, regardless of whether or not she actually went through with it.

Of course, Sharapova and her team quickly announced that she wouldn’t be changing her name after all. But in hindsight and in light of recent developments, the presumed goal of putting the Sugarpova brand name out there and on everyone’s mind was more than accomplished.

Coincidentally — or, more accurately, in a brilliant demonstration of perfectly executed timing –the tennis star has just launched a Sugarpova Accessory Collection to go along with the brand’s candy line.

Well played, marketing geniuses.

The Accessory Collection line will be sold exclusively through Henri Bendel New York and features earrings, bobby pins, necklaces, totes, cosmetic bags, t-shirts and tank tops, all bearing the trademark lips Sugarpova logo.

A sampling of the items:

sugarpova-accessory-line sugarpova-accessory-line-3

Fantastic display of marketing savvy. Get people talking with some wild story tangentially related to the brand, pull back a bit and then drop a line of new products. A well-deserved kudos to the ad wizards who came up with this one.