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LeBron James apparently has not shaved his head after all, jokes about it (pic)

Some photos surfaced on the interwebs this week of LeBron James during his tour of the Philippines with Nike that purportedly showed the Miami Heat superstar had admitted defeat in his personal battle against his receding hairline and had gone ahead and shaved his head.

But au contraire, Balding LeBron conspiracy theorists. Apparently, LeBron pays attention to what’s being written about him on the Internet and has posted the above pic from a photo shoot on Tuesday to Instagram, in which he shows that no, he has not shaved his head after all.

In the message accompanying the Instagram pic, King James has a little fun at his expense, writing, “Couple pics from a shoot I had yesterday #FashionIsConfidence #IDoThis #ButIThoughtHeWasBaldThough #WorriedAboutMeRight LOL!”

Well played, LeBron James. For perhaps the first time ever, the Internet apparently was wrong about something. Who would’ve thunk it?

At the same time, how do we know for sure the growth atop LeBron’s head is in fact his real hair? Maybe he found a can of that spray-on hair stuff from those 1990s infomercials.