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Joker Phillips unleashes another great ‘#ComePlayWRForTheJoker’ photoshop (pic)


You have to hand it to Florida Gators wide receivers coach Joker Phillips. He has completely mastered the brilliantly awful Photoshop game as a means to transform social media into a recruiting tool.

In yet another example of offbeat, disturbing genius (previous examples here and here), the above “#ComePlayWRForTheJoker” Photoshop madness is indeed inspired and slightly terrifying. Bearing the message, “When you buy into being a Gator.. You become one #ComePlayWRForTheJoker,” the above image was attached to a tweet posted early Wednesday morning.

While it is unclear just how well a human football player with an alligator’s mouth would perform once he got on the field, one thing is for certain: It would be a real pain finding an NCAA-approved mouthguard for that massive, toothy jaw.

[H/T The Big Lead]