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Let’s all overreact to Johnny Manziel flashing the middle finger (video)


The Johnny Manziel Saga is far too convoluted and complicated to provide a simple overview in advance to this troublesome video, so let’s put it this way: If you know all the ins and outs of what’s been going on with the Heisman Trophy-winning Texas A&M sophomore quarterback, good for you. If you don’t, well good on you folks, too.

In a recently posted Instagram video, Manziel is seen flashing his middle finger at one of his teammates. Commence hand-wringing, gnashing of teeth and other assorted acts of overreaction.The video was posted on Tuesday to Instagram by Manziel’s A&M teammate, sophomore running back Trey Williams:

Oh the humanity!

The message attached to the video is “Rice git ready cuz you know we #Diiiinnnneee.” Anybody? Anybody? I have no earthly idea what in the hell “Diiiinnnneee” means, and frankly, I don’t need to know. Because I’m old.

No matter what this kid does, it invariably attracts attention. That’s the world of big time college football. While it remains to be seen if someone like Skip Bayless or some other random blowhard of his annoying ilk overreacts and then bloviates all over the place about a seemingly innocuous video where Johnny Football flips the bird, it would come as no surprise should one of those dolts elects to do so.

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