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Buckeye leaf on Ohio State hockey sweater looks a lot like a pot leaf (pic)


Far be it from me to erroneously infer any kind of marijuana-related skullduggery into things, but Eye on Hockey has opened, um, my eyes to how when the Buckeye leaf is green, it looks suspiciously like a pot leaf.

Let’s start at the beginning. The Ohio State Buckeyes men’s hockey team unveiled an alternate sweater on Wednesday and all in all, the new sweaters are pretty spiffy.

The new sweaters incorporate the traditional Buckeye leaf, much like those stickers that are affixed to the helmets of Buckeyes football players.

What makes these Buckeye leaf depictions different from those seen on Ohio State helmets is that leaves on the helmets appear more neutral when applied to the gray background of the helmet. Without the neutral background, the Buckeye leaves take on a much more green appearance.

And when the Buckeye leaves employed by Ohio State are placed on a white background, they appear much more green. And man, as a consequence, those suckers are pretty far out. Man.

Who knew Aesculus glabra was a member of the Cannabis botanical family? Okay, it’s not, but it would be pretty cool if it was.