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Brian Wilson apparently has been offered $1 million to shave magnificent beard


Everything is coming up Brian Wilson these days. While the beard remains weird, everything else keeps changing for the better for the reliever. Not only has he seen his major league career resurrected by being activated on Monday by the Los Angeles Dodgers after signing a one-year, $1 million deal with the team in July and performing admirably in the minor leagues, he now reportedly has been given the option to mull over a seven-figure offer to shave that aforementioned, brilliantly weird beard.

According to a Radar Online report, has offered $1 million to “The Bearded One” if he agrees to shave his facial hair and become the company’s brand ambassador.

Philip Masiello, the Co-Founder and President of, an online men’s and women’s razor retailer, reportedly told Radar that“His management feels we need to match his present salary of $1 million at a minimum,” adding, “Over the weekend and continuing today, we have been in discussions with his management at MVP sports to finalize the terms under which Brian would participate in a beard shaving promotion and endorsement. The discussions commenced Friday and are continuing through today.”

Below is a copy of the letter from the company to Wilson, obtained by Radar:


And a transcript, via’s Facebook page:

A leading player in the premium razor blade category,, is officially in talks with reps to match the comeback kid’s one million dollar Dodgers salary for a high-precision shave to remove his now infamous game day beard. has been in negotiations with the 31-year-old baseball pro to have him shave off his beard and they’ve offered him a lucrative 7-figure deal, which would also have Brian become a brand ambassador for the company. “Our new high-performance 5-blade will definitely be up to the task!” noted President Phil Masiello.

After recovering from his second reconstructive elbow surgery, and signing a 1 year, $1 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers,  the “Beard of Baseball”, Brian Wilson is back to the scene — with news just breaking the relief pitcher will be activated today.

“His beard is iconic, we are in the quality razor industry and want to partner with other shaving icons to show how great our product is. If it can tackle shaving a beard like his, it can work wonders on the average man,” Masiello continued.

“Brian is one of the greatest closers in baseball today and we have one of the greatest razors in the industry today. He is unique and fun and brings a difference to his game and that is what 800Razors is all about.”

The former San Francisco Giants player touts himself as a “World Champion Beard” on his Twitter account

“We are a young company out to change the shaving industry and have not done anything like this before and would be honored to have Brian be our first,” Masiello concluded.

Founded by Steven Krane and Phil Masiello, the brand offers ceramic-coated razors featuring American-made steel blades available through the online store,

While pretty much everyone else on the face of the earth wishes they would be offered a fat stack of cash simply to perform the relatively painless task of shaving one’s facial hair, what are the chances Wilson agrees and goes through with it? On one hand, Wilson is tremendously unpredictable and this is exactly the kind of thing he would do, simply for the attention.

On the other hand, Wilson isn’t short on dough by any stretch of the imagination. Further, the beard has become an integral part of his identity. If he were to shave it off, would the beard’s removal precipitate some kind of Samson-esque power loss of biblical proportions? Hard to say, but let’s hope he doesn’t. What kind of world would it be where Brian Wilson doesn’t have a rocking beard? Not one I would want to live in, that’s for sure.

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