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Minor League Baseball

Ballplayer has similar last name, so George Costanza is shown on videoboard (pic)


A great moment of “Seinology” occurred during a recent minor league baseball game, once again proving that more often than not, the world is such a place and a legendary show was so profound that a diligent effort isn’t even required to make “Seinfeld” references.

During a recent game between the Toledo Mud Hens, the Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers, and the aptly named Gwinnett Braves, the Triple-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, a player named Jose Constanza stepped to the plate.

Realizing he or she had no choice but to go for the easy “Seinfeld” reference, the individual operating Toledo’s strangely named Fifth Third Field videoboard went for it and hijinks ensued.

Via @MudHens:

Bravo. There is little doubt that this isn’t the first time Gwinnett Braves left fielder Jose Constanza has had to deal with references to the so-called “Lord of the Idiots” as a consequence of his name, but he’s probably used to it now and just rolls with it.

What he refuses to accept, though, is how the team’s trainer mispronounces his name on purpose, referring to him as “Can’t Stand Ya” before unleashing an atomic wedgie on the poor guy.

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