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Starburst thanks Redskins’ Chris Thompson for all the publicity with swag (pic)

Chris Thompson, Jordan Reed

Earlier in training camp, a story surfaced regarding a strange superstition practiced by Washington Redskins rookie running back Chris Thompson that involves how he keeps Starburst in his socks during games.

Of course, once it got back to the Starburst folks, they saw an opportunity to perpetuate the publicity already generated by Thompson’s off habit by sending him a care package chock-full of Starburst swag, including free candy and Starburst socks.

Pretty sweet. Both the candy and the swag.

Taste the rainbow (via @ChrisThompson_4):

The  note reads:

“We were so excited to hear about your gameday ritual with Starburst! It never crossed our minds to keep candy in our socks, but we just might have to reconsider…

“We wanted to send you a stash of Starburst to keep your ritual going throughout your rookie season, as well as customized Starburst socks to help keep gamedays extra juicy! We know you’re a big fan of the red and yellow Starburst, but we included the whole pack so you could share your favorite candies with your new teammates.”


Thompson’s experience with candy swag is definitely reminiscent of when Skittles thanked Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch for all the free publicity he generated for their product by sending him a bunch of free Skittles, not to mention how Thompson’s fellow Redskins running back colleague Alfred Morris received a refurbishing of his old, beat-up 1991 Mazda 626a after stories emerged about how he held on to the clunker.

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