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Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown adopts pit bull from animal rescue (photo)


Even though this season has been a dreadful one for the Philadelphia Phillies, culminating in longtime manager Charlie Manuel’s dismissal last Friday, outfielder Domonic Brown has been one of the few bright spots. After spending time with both the big league club and its minor league affiliates over the past few summers, the budding star appears poised to becoming an integral part of the team for the long haul, batting a decent .277 with 27 HR and 78 RBI.

And it also appears that the way he carries himself off the field will serve him well in Philadelphia, if what he did over the weekend is any indication.

On Sunday, Brown reached out to his over 13,000 followers on Twitter to help him out with something involving adding a new member to his household:

Either Brown figured it out on his own or somebody pointed him in the direction of Greene Street Animal Rescue, a 14-acre farm in Pennsylvania, who posted the following photo to its Facebook page along with the message, “Congratulations Wreck puppy! You’re new family picked you! We’re excited for Wreck to go home this week to his new PHILLY BASEBALL LIFE with Domonic Brown, Philliies left fielder, and his amazing family who chose to adopt a local rescue puppy!”


Good for Mr. Brown. And good for the puppy, too.

Not that it matters, but it won’t be lost on most that Brown happens to play in the same town as Michael Vick. Again, not that it matters, it’s just interesting.

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