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Here’s Mike Tyson playing ‘Punch-Out’ for possibly the first time (video)


Last month, Mike Tyson during an interaction with a TMZ camera crew that he was terrible at playing the legendary video game that bears his name, the classic ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Iron Mike said he couldn’t even beat Glass Joe. That ain’t good.

Well, during a segment for “Fox Sports Live,” Tyson, in a complete contradiction to what he told TMZ, supposedly was playing “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” the first time ever on an NES. And from the looks of it, his assertion about Glass Joe may be more true than anyone could have suspected.

Come on, Tyson. Don’t let Glass Joe play you like that, man. The guy’s a chump. Sure, Great Tiger may have some tricks up his turban, but Glass Joe? Sheesh.

Tyson certainly has mellowed with age, though. Years ago, he would have threatened to eat Glass Joe’s pixelated children, for crying out loud.

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