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LeBron James accepts cruel fate of early onset baldness, shaves his head (photo)


LeBron James currently is in the Philippines to take part in Nike’s “Witness History Tour,” and a photograph snapped of him reveals that the Miami Heat superstar apparently has ended his state of denial regarding his rapidly retreating hairline.

James showed up at an event with a freshly shorn scalp, evidently accepting his fate as one afflicted with early onset male pattern baldness.

While James certainly isn’t the first man — nor NBA star (Michael Jordan, anyone?) — who has elected to go the shaved head route in order to deal with balding, the fact that he held out for so long, making him the subject of much mocking and ridicule as a consequence of his stubborn refusal to admit what everybody knew: That no matter how he wore his ever-present headband on the court, what was lacking underneath was abundantly evident to all.

And for that we say kudos to LeBron James. Hopefully he sticks with the new look.

Much like Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Captain Jean-Luc Picard on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” there is no sense clinging to some scraps (or, as countered by George Costanza, “historic remains of a once Great Society of Hair”), a closely-cropped chrome dome is a far better alternative to denial.

Wow. A “Seinfeld” and a “Star Trek: TNG” reference in the same sentence. Never pulled that off before.

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