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Giants ball girl wants to be part of the action, interferes on foul popup (video)

With the San Francisco Giants losing 7-0 to the Boston Red Sox in the top of the ninth inning at AT&T Park on Monday, a Giants ball girl temporarily forgot that it isn’t her job to catch foul popups for the home team and that instead, she’s just supposed to get the hell out of the way when any player actually participating in the game comes barreling down on her.

With two outs and the Giants only an out away from the bottom half of the inning in a game the team would ultimately lose, the ball girl camps under a popup off the bat of Stephen Drew in foul territory in left field.

As third baseman Joaquin Arias chases down the ball, ball girl holds her ground with her glove held high. Despite her best — or worst — efforts to interfere with the play, Arias managed to track down the ball, sidestepping the ball girl who instantly realized what a tremendous derp she had just committed.

You have to feel bad for the young lady, especially in light of the fact that the announcer referred to her as the “ball dude.”

At the same time — and it warrants mentioning that her gaffe wasn’t as egregious — nor as sexy — as when two Hooters ball gals demonstrated how clueless a Hooters ball girl can be when manning the ball girl positions during Yankees-Phillies preseason game — you gotta keep your head in the game, missy.