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David DeJesus’ wife posts heartbreaking tweet after he’s traded from Cubs

When the David DeJesus signed a two-year deal with the Chicago Cubs in November, 2011, no one was happier about it than his wife, Kim.

Kim grew up about 45 minutes away from Wrigley Field in Wheaton, Ill., so it was a welcome return to her old stomping grounds.

That’s why Kim was particularly devastated when her husband was traded to the Washington Nationals on Monday, and a tweet she offered up shortly thereafter about concern over how the couple’s three-year-old son (above, with dad at Wrigley just a few short days ago) would take the news is heartbreaking.

DeJesus called the moment he learned he’d been dealt “surreal,” telling reporters, ““It’s one of those moments, you’re like, ‘Whoa,’ and time stops,” DeJesus said. “I look over at my wife and she’s crying because she grew up in Wheaton, Illinois, 45 minutes from Wrigley Field. It’s a surreal moment, it was kind of throwing me off.”

To make matters worse on a professional level, DeJesus was waived by the Nationals late Monday night, putting his future with his brand-new ball club in doubt from the get-go.

But it was Kim DeJesus’ tweet that will tug at your heartstrings. Given that their son is only three years old, all he has known is that his dad plays for the Cubs, so not surprisingly, their son has turned into a big fan of the North Siders.

Ouch. While it is normal for fans to say, “I wish I could get the opportunity to relocate every once in a while and still make tons of money” in response to a player complaining about uprooting his family to move on to a different town, people often neglect to remember that children are affected, not just the player and his spouse.

And while I’m sure the little guy will get over it soon enough, it must be difficult for a parent to have to tell their child something like that and no it just might devastate them.

[H/T for tweet to Guyism, image via Instagram]