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Costanza would be proud: Brent Seabrook’s newborn’s name is ‘Seven’ (pic)


For perhaps the first time ever (as I have never heard of anyone naming their child “The Maestro” or “Soup Nazi” or “H.E. Pennypacker”), a newborn child’s name unintentionally incorporates a “Seinfeld” reference. That’s right, Chicago Blackhawks star Brent Seabrook and his wife Dayna welcomed their newborn son last Friday, Aug. 16. His first name is Carter but it’s the little guy’s middle name that is attracting all the attention:

(whistles while making horizontal line, then diagonal line with finger in the air)

Yep, the middle name of Seabrook’s baby son is Seven.

As far as anyone knows, the middle name is a nod to the number on Seabrook’s Blackhawks jersey, not a tribute to the name George Costanza hoped to name his first child in honor of his hero, Micky Mantle.

And yet, what an odd choice. At the same time, had Seabrook sported a different number, would he still have been able to convince his wife to use it for their child’s middle name? Because “Twenty-Four” doesn’t work at all on any level.

It still beats the heck out of “Soda,” though. So that’s good. Or “Mug.”

[CSN Chicago, image via @ChicagoBlackhawks]