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Attorney says streaker at Cleveland Browns game ‘got caught up in the excitement’


(Photo credit: Marvin Fong, The Plain Dealer)

Anthony Saveriano, the 20-year-old young man who became something of a legend after his partially nude streak across the gridiron during a Cleveland Browns preseason game at FirstEnergy Stadium a few weeks ago, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and public indecency during a court appearance on Tuesday, according to a report in The Plain Dealer.

Frank Crosby, who is representing Saveriano on the matter, characterized his client as a “good kid” who “got caught up in the excitement.” That’s putting it mildly.

Crosby also stated that alcohol wasn’t a major contributing factor to Saveriano deciding to streak, which almost makes it worse in a way.

Saveriano instantly achieved Internet infamy after he gallivanted across the gridiron on the night of Aug. 15, after video and photos flooded the interwebs, including the one below:

The part when he gets crushed by a security guard almost should be considered sufficient punishment, but that’s not how our criminal justice system operates so Saveriano will be back in court on Sept. 10 to determine whether he qualifies for for a first offenders program offered by the court. If he is accepted into the program and subsequently completes the requirements, all charges will be dropped, much as his pants were when he made his mad dash across the field.

Upon his release from police custody following his streaky sideshow, Saveriano offered up the following brilliant tweet:

Well played, kid. Let’s hope his antics can be wiped away via the first offenders program and that one youthful indiscretion doesn’t tarnish his bright — and hopefully clothed — future.

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