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Bengals QB Andy Dalton stars in Anchorman/Sex Panther knockoff commercial (video)


In a slightly amusing — yet derivative — new commercial for Pepsi’s “Are You Fan Enough” campaign, Cincinnati Bengals ginger-haired quarterback Andy Dalton visits the home of some Bengals fans to showcase his new fragrance (not a perfume, says Dalton, so it’s a unisex scent).

The new fragrance, simply named “Andy Dalton Fragrance,” contains real tiger sweat, and much like Brian Fantana’s Sex Panther cologne (by Odeon) in “Anchorman” — a setup the  commercial blatantly rips off —  as evidenced by the disgusted reactions of the two fans,  it reeks of arse.

Well, it reeks of tiger sweat, more accurately. Which apparently is pretty smelly, according to the spot.

Good stuff. It contains bits of real humor, so you know it’s good (if they can rip off “Anchorman,” why can’t I?) and Dalton deserves praise for showing off some decent acting chops.

And hey, it could have been worse. Dalton could have pulled out the jazz flute. Or make a whale’s vagina reference.

[H/T Eye on Football]