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A-Rod is a funny guy, cracks joke about potential Ryan Dempster suspension (video)


(photo used just for kicks)

While the entire Alex Rodriguez suspension appeal debacle is enough to make even the most die-hard baseball fan want to ignore the sport altogether until the entire drama is played out and the issues resolved, at least we can credit the New York Yankees third baseman for maintaining his sense of humor as his career and already-tarnished legacy once again is dragged through the proverbial mud.

As you may recall, Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster plunked Rodriguez on Sunday night when their respective squads faced one another at Fenway Park. A-Rod exacted revenge quickly, homering in his next at-bat as he led the Yankees to a big 9-6 win.

But the beleaguered slugger saved his best performance of the night for after the game. When asked by reporters whether Dempster should be suspended for his on-the-mound antics, Rodriguez delivered a zinger for the ages.

The plunk that set up the zinger:

And A-Rod’s witty response:

Ha! “I’m the wrong guy to be asking about suspensions.” What a cad this A-Rod guy is! But did he actually say, “Holy mackerel”? What an odd choice.

And still, didn’t think he had it in him, but there he goes, still managing to surprise us after all these years. Oh, and annoying us, too. Musn’t forget about that.

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