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Tom Brady, when asked about his guilty pleasure: ‘A frozen margarita. Oh my God’

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Tom Brady got the New England Patriots organization and the team’s fans prepared to go into full-scale panic mode when he came up gimpy during a training camp practice.

Thankfully, it was only a minor knee sprain and it looks like Brady is no worse for wear and will continue his preseason work as planned.

But his recent comments to a women’s magazine may cause strange reactions in the hearts of Patriots fans, both men and women, albeit for wholly different reasons.

Brady recently took part in a brief Q&A with Women’s Health magazine for a feature called “5 Juicy Questions for…”, in which individuals are posed questions that dare to dig deep into the person behind the person, in a “juicy” manner, of course.

To preface things and in the interest of fairness, the questions are predictably silly and patently absurd — it’s a women’s magazine asking an NFL quarterback “juicy questions,” after all —  so some leeway should be afforded Mr. Brady for his responses.

Still, his answers will not help dissuade the perception that he is something of a fancy boy, a real dandy.

As mentioned, there were supposed to be only “5 Juicy Questions,” but Women’s Health asked Brady twelve of them instead — way to stick with the theme (maybe it was for his jersey number? Who knows?) — but let’s just hit the highlights that portray Brady in an unfair and hilarious light when taken out of the context that this was for a women’s magazine. Because hey, why not? Still, give Brady credit. He knows his audience.

  • Favorite dish to cook? “I make some pretty good pancakes.”
  • Favorite female body part? “Lips.”
  • Describe a killer date that you and Gisele go on. “There’s nothing like an uninterrupted dinner at a quiet spot where the two of us can just talk.”
  • What do you think a woman looks hottest in? “Well, I prefer no clothes. Au naturel.”

Each and every one of the above responses from Brady are sure to get the heart palpitations a-fluttering in his female admirers, but it’s the response that follows that is rife with derpness:

  • Guilty pleasure? “A frozen margarita. Oh my God.”

I can see it now: Tom and Gisele, after an uninterrupted dinner at a quiet spot where the two of them can just talk, heading home, putting the kids to bed, firing up the blender to whip up some frozen margaritas before curling up on the couch to watch “Sex and the City” on Blu-Ray and just dish.

What say you, Tom Brady?

Awwww yeah.