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Tiger suit-wearing Tigers fan makes a showing at Comerica Park (video)

Way back in June, when the Detroit Tigers paid a visit to Kauffman Stadium to play the Kansas City Royals, a Tigers fan achieved some notoriety, due in no small part to the outrageous get-up he wore to a game. Resembling something that Dwyane Wade would wear on a safari, the suit was a nightmare in tiger stripes, accentuated by a slick pair of sunglasses. At night, mind you.

Well, the Tigers were facing the Royals on Thursday — only this time at Comerica Park — to kick-off a long series, so it only made sense for Tiger Suit Man to make another appearance, and of course, cameras caught him making his way to his seat, although not in a stealthy manner that would befit his suit. This guy likes to get noticed, you see. Clearly.

Last time, Tiger Suit Man was using a tiger puppet to compliment his stripey ensemble. And while he may have had it with him on Thursday, the accessory that was predominantly displayed was a glove that looked like it was dipped in gold. It was like something Catwoman’s pimp would wear. Yeah, I used that one before, but it’s pretty slick, right? Granted, not as slick as this guy’s get-up, but what is, really?