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Streaker interrupts Browns-Lions game, gets lit up for his efforts (video)


An actual, real-life streaker — not the so-called “streakers” who run on to sports fields fully clothed — bared a lot of skin (perhaps too much) as he interrupted the Detroit Lions-Cleveland Browns preseason game during the third quarter on Thursday night.

Reports out of Cleveland indicate that Lions running back Joique Bell tried to tackle the guy twice as he sashayed about the field, but what is getting the most attention about said streaker’s gallivanting is how he got absolutely trucked by a member of security after he ran through one of the end zones.

Via Instagram user sartemyyy:

BOOM! I like how there was some collateral damage on the tackle. When the security guard tackled the streaker, another individual approaching was bowled over as well.

Here’s some GIF-ey goodness — or more accurately, badness, via SB Nation:

Some eyewitness accounts of the sorry sight included Detroit radio personality Tony Ortiz, who recounted the unforgettable scene as follows (via CBS Detroit): “Pretty impressive run from the stands. He dashed past two cops to make it onto the field,” T.O. said via email. ”Unfortunately, when I first saw him, he had just pulled down his underwear, revealing his hairy white butt… Felt bad for the policemen who had to tackle him. Pretty sure one got a face full of cheek as he took him to the ground. Not enough showers in the world to remove that stigma.”

Bell weighed in after the game about how he was unable to thwart the streaker’s butt-exposing efforts (via HuffP0): “They told me I should have wrapped and rolled,” Bell commented, by way of a tweet from Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “I said I probably would have been the one going to jail.”

And finally, said Lions linebacker Ashlee Palmer, who said it was a sight you can’t “unsee” when discussing the unfortunate experience of seeing a near-naked grown man running around: “It was not an enjoying sight,” Palmer said, laughing. “But the guy that tackled him at the end of it, that was a nice form tackle, man. Probably could use him.”

Get that guy a tryout!