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Portly Nationals fan goes with bare-gut-slapping to prematurely celebrate win (GIF)


A chubby Washington Nationals fan seated behind home plate during Thursday’s game lifted his shirt and began to slap his belly during the top of the ninth inning with the Nats holding a 3-1 lead. This was done presumably as a means to help inspire Nats pitcher Rafael Soriano to finish off the San Francisco Giants and preserve — and consequently, celebrate, albeit prematurely — a hard-fought victory. Once again, presumably.

It was gross.

Via Vine:

And another look, again via Vine:

As alluded to above, it was a kind of a gross display of hairy belly fat. But what’s most troubling about it is that it could have been incredibly distracting. It makes sense to engage in these kind of antics behind home plate when the opposing pitcher is on the mound, not when a pitcher for the team a person is rooting for is trying to close out a save. That’s just rude. I mean, it must have been nearly impossible to focus on pitching with that guy treating his chubby gut as drum right in Soriano’s line of sight.

And in the end, Portly Nationals Fan’s belly-slapping, premature victory celebration was all for naught, as Soriano surrendered three runs on a home run by pinch-hitter Hector Sanchez, blowing the save. And the Nationals couldn’t answer in the bottom-half of the ninth, losing 4-3.


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